Our Story

Q:  What do two ex-military guys, sheep farming and 2021 have in common?

A:  The creation of craft beer on a whole new scale to the Macarthur Region!

So this unique union of two “far and away” countries and two military services combine to bring you a locally crafted range of beers, at the newly established Merino Brewery.  We are based in the heart of Merino country in Macarthur.  

This union is steeped in history, harking back to the introduction of Merino Sheep to Australia and subsequently, the local area.  

Captain Henry Waterhouse (whose Mother’s maiden name was Brewer, coincidence some might say…) and Lieutenant William Kent both of the Royal Navy, brought the first flock of Merinos to Australia from the Cape of Good Hope in 1797.

In subsequent years, British Army Captain (NSW Corps), John MacArthur would bring Merino sheep to his newly acquired land at Cowpastures (presently known as Camden Park).  

After successfully sending their first sample of wool to England in 1808, the MacArthurs were among the first Australian exporters of wool on a commercial scale, exporting as much as 7,000 kg in 1822.  The Macarthur-Merino legacy had been born.  

History is set to repeat itself 200 years on, with the latest collaboration, this time in the brewing industry.  Two guys, both ex-military (Royal Navy and Australian Army) passionate about beer, one iconic sheep – what could go wrong!

The Merino is symbolic with the region and represents quality, innovation and tradition.  

The Merino Ram will henceforth, also be synonymous with the impeccable flavour of good beer!